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Corporate Concierge

Corporate Concierge

With a virtual, on-site concierge and on call concierge, our corporate concierge specialists make things easier for your top-tier client and organization by coordinating every aspect of lifestyle. Available in both white-label and branded solutions.


Lifestyle Concierge

A lifestyle concierge serves as a personal assistant for your social and private life, providing essential services beyond restaurant reservations. From recommending and organizing your next holiday to arranging parties, sourcing gifts, and assisting with everyday tasks, they offer comprehensive support for all aspects of life.


Digital Concierge

Our lifestyle digital concierge solution offers your clients all key lifestyle services under one roof, from travel bookings and gifting to doctor consultations and admission assistance for your kids. Delivered through an in-application platform, a Chatbot, and an agent portal, it enhances engagement.

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